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This command will produce 1 extra line at the top and 3 more at the bottom.

Get-Process | select Name  | ft -HideTableHeaders | Out-File .\process.txt

The same thing happens with other lists such as reading a directory.

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Same result as in previous answer, but in another syntax:

Get-Process | foreach{ $_.Name}  > .\process.txt

There still is empty line in the end, though

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Powershell can can be annoying sometimes. – wtjones Apr 3 '12 at 14:37

I thinks the empy lines are due to the format-table output and out-file puts line terminators between strings , but I'm not so sure.

To avoid this you can do something like this if you need just the name list in a file:

Get-Process |  % { if ( $_ -ne $null ) { $ } } | Out-File .\process.txt

It will be usefull if Out-File had a -SuppressLastEmptyLine switch to avoid that last empty line.

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You can turn it into a string and trim it:

(Get-Process | select Name  | ft -HideTableHeaders | Out-String).Trim() | Out-File .\process.txt

Rather than three, there is now only one empty line at the end.

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