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I'm trying to get some information about Azure blob (last modified UTC date time). This information is stored CloudBlob.Properties.LastModifiedUtc property.

If I use method GetBlobReference() or GetBlockBlobReference(), the Properties of the blob are not initialized (LastModifiedUtc is DateTime.MinDate). If I use ListBlobs() the Properties are initialized correctly (LastModifiedUtc has correct value).

Am I doing something wrong when using GetBlobReference function? Is there some way how to get CloudBlob instance just for one specific blob? I know I can missue ListBlobs() and filter just the blob I'm interested in, or use ListBlobsWithPrefix() from class CloudBlobClient, but I would expect to get all the metadata when I ask for specific Blob Reference.

Code showing how I'm working with Azure blobs:

    string storageAccountName = "test";
    string storageAccountKey = @"testkey";
    string blobUrl = "";
    string containerName = "testcontainer";
    string blobName = "testbontainer";

    var credentials = new StorageCredentialsAccountAndKey(storageAccountName, storageAccountKey);
    var cloudBlobClient = new CloudBlobClient(blobUrl, credentials);
    var containerReference = cloudBlobClient.GetContainerReference(string.Format("{0}/{1}", blobUrl, containerName));

    // OK - Result is of type CloudBlockBlob, cloudBlob_ListBlobs.Properties.LastModifiedUtc > DateTime.MinValue
    var cloudBlob_ListBlobs = containerReference.ListBlobs().Where(i => i is CloudBlob && ((CloudBlob)i).Name == blobName).FirstOrDefault() as CloudBlob;

    // WRONG - Result is of type CloudBlob, cloudBlob_GetBlobReference.Properties.LastModifiedUtc == DateTime.MinValue
    var cloudBlob_GetBlobReference = containerReference.GetBlobReference(string.Format("{0}/{1}/{2}", blobUrl, containerName, blobName));

    // WRONG - Result is of type CloudBlockBlob, cloudBlob_GetBlockBlobReference.Properties.LastModifiedUtc == DateTime.MinValue
    var cloudBlob_GetBlockBlobReference = containerReference.GetBlockBlobReference(string.Format("{0}/{1}/{2}", blobUrl, containerName, blobName));
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I believe you have to make a seperate call to fetch the attributes/metadata. After you have the blob referrence, issue the following line to retrieve the attributes.


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To elaborate, GetBlobReference() doesn't make any network calls. It pretty much just returns you an object that's initialized with the right URL. To get the attributes, you need to make a network call, and .FetchAttributes() is the way to minimally do that (does a HEAD request). – smarx Apr 3 '12 at 18:18
Oh, thanks, I was not aware that GetBlobReference() is just client side factory method, I expected it to make call against Azure and I was surprised it doesn't bring all the data. Now it makes sense to me. – Tiny Apr 10 '12 at 22:28
priceless answer saved me a lot – Yanki Twizzy Jul 9 '14 at 20:16

This relates to the Java SDK. But having a CloudBlob derived CloudBlockBlob object, you may need the CloudBlob.downloadAttributes() call.

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