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I have a stored procedure which is supposed to borrow a book from a (fictional) library database, The procedure is supposed to check that the book is available, then that the user is not past their limit, and then reduce the number of copies available for the chosen book in the book table (I know, it's not how I would lay out the database either) and create a new loan, before returning a string to tell if the procedure has been performed without any problem. Here is the procedure:

delimiter $$
create procedure BorrowBook(in theBookID int, in theUserID int)
declare lim int;
declare num int;
declare loanNumber int;
declare copyNumber int;
set lim = (select Readers.Limit from Readers where = theUserID);
set num = (select Count(*) from Loans where Loans.UserID = theUserID);
set loanNumber = (select Count(*) from Loans) + 1;
set copyNumber = (select NumberAvailable from Book where = theBookID);
if(copyNumber > 0)
insert into Loans values(loanNumber, theBookID, theUserID, curDate(), 0);
update Book set Book.NumberAvailable = Book.NumberAvailable - 1 where = theBookID;
select 'Succesful Update';
select 'Borrow limit reached';
end if;
select 'No copies available';
end if;
end $$

But if I call it as such:

call BorrowBook(2,2);

It comes up with the error

#1312 - PROCEDURE reddurrant_com.BorrowBook can't return a result set in the given context

Please could somebody let me know why it is not working? Cheers

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might be related:… – VolkerK Apr 3 '12 at 14:02
Are you operating in multi-select mode? CLIENT_MULTI_RESULTS is on: – user645280 Apr 3 '12 at 14:21

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