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I have a play appliaction that works if It is the root of the web host however I want to load it as a sub-url of my host

That is <- This works fine and i want to move to it  <- This want me to rewrite all the routes 

Is there a way to just set a custom root URL that will translate all my configured routes?

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Add the following configuration key in your conf/application.conf file:

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That doesn't work for me with Play 2.0.4. – Schleichardt Nov 30 '12 at 20:13
in play 2.5.x this is now play.http.context="/AwesomePlayApplication" – Chris Balogh Apr 21 at 6:58

As stated by James Roper on google groups : Play 2.0.* does not support running on a different context yet, but Play 2.1 will.

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