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So I have this really simple image slider this this page here http://charlesbergertattoos.com/tattoos which works just fine in IE and firefox. The animation is really smooth and the images actually slide, but in chrome it's not smooth at all.

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It looks like there is different behaviour on Chrome, first it tries to fade out the image then slides it. In Firefox it just slides. –  Diabolic Apr 3 '12 at 14:21

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because on click event your calling slider_animate() directly your not calling your plugin

in chrome when you do that the slide_widths var is 0 because you defined and executed the assignment logic outside of the event function so its static

you have 2 options put that line inside the function slider_animate

var slide_widths = $(e).find('.holder > li:first').width();  
//correct the variables name accordingly 

or call the plugin function itself which is imgSlider

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Well in the caraousel.js on line no. 32

try using something synonymous to the following code instead of the one present I mean the .animate() call... should be something like animate({marginLeft: "233px"})

$('.browse.button.next.right').parent().find('.holder').children('li').eq('0').animate({marginRight: "-233px"});

this will work as previous click

$('.browse.button.next.right').parent().find('.holder').children('li').eq('0').animate({marginLeft: "233px"})

this will work as next click

and these syntax work in both chrome and firefox..

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here 233px is the width of the image...so we have to slide -/+ 233 px the image div..for left/right traverse –  Sandeep Rajoria Apr 11 '12 at 12:11

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