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I wanna inject a bean which will persist the map-entries at hazelcast.

<map name="storethiselements-map">
<map-store enabled="true">

These are constructor-args for the hazelcast-instance. In the MapPersistenceObject there exists a Service which is responsible for persisting the entries. I have marked MapPersistenceObject as component and made the Service-Object Autowired so that Spring will inject the right Service-Bean with the right Datasource.

I have tried this but i get a NullPointer where the Service should be injected. It seems to me that Spring can't connect or autowire the MapPersistenceObject with the Service. It looks like this:

public class MapPersistenceObject implements
    MapLoader<Long, DeviceWakeupAction>, MapStore<Long, DeviceWakeupAction> {
StoreMapEntries storeMapEntriesService;

Maybe somebody knows a solution of the problem?

regards && tia noircc

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You should use Spring configuration, not Hazelcast xml configuration.

<hz:hazelcast id="hazelcast">
        <hz:map name="storethiselements-map" backup-count="1">
            <hz:map-store enabled="true" implementation="mapPersistenceObject" write-delay-seconds="0"/>

<bean id="mapPersistenceObject" class="name.of.MapPersistenceObject"/>

See Hazelcast Spring integration.

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