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I've found myself in a situation, that makes me ask for help.

I've got an url with possibility of getting multiple kwargs (all named id).

url(r'^multi(id=(?P<id>\d+))*', GetView.as_view(), name='get'),

In GetView, after few redirects I have:

q = QueryDict("id=%s" %"&id=".join(list))
self.refresh_url = reverse("get", kwargs=q)

Where the refresh_url comes to a refresh tag.

The problem is here:

Reverse for 'get' with arguments '()' and keyword arguments '{u'id': [u'123', u'456']}' not found.

If anyone has been in a situation like this before, than please, share your solution.


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Instead of using the id out of the url, you should use the querystring 1.

url(r'^multi/$', GetView.as_view(), name='get'),

#Reverse url
self.refresh_url = "%s?id=%s&id=%s" % (reverse("get"), id1, id2)

ids = request.GET.getlist('id')
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