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I'm debugging this site and trying to sort out some issues that arise in Internet Explorer (big surprise).

I'm adding a sub-title to several links as follows:

.subtitle a:after {
    content:"The Subtitle Here";

On all modern browsers (and IE9) the content is center aligned because the container uses text-align:center;. However, in IE8 "The Subtitle Here" is flushed left.

Is there any way to control that with CSS?


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Placing such text into css:after isn't a good idea after all. –  kirilloid Apr 3 '12 at 15:14
In general this is true, but it is not a problem IF the text is truly a design element. Decorative text belongs with CSS in the style layer. –  SDP Apr 3 '12 at 20:21

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Turns out you can do it easily:

I added another style rule that targets the added content...

.subtitle a:after {

I guess IE9 and other browsers inherit the text-align property for :after content but IE8 doesn't. IE always keeps it interesting...

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didn't work for me. This is how i got it fixed in IE8. (I have a seperate style sheet for IE8)

.printIcon:after {
    content: "Print" !important;
    text-align: center !important;
    margin-top: 25px !important;
    position:relative !important;
    left:25px !important;

enter image description here

Hope this helps someone.

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Neither of the answers above worked for me because of an underlying issue I had. Apparently IE8 does not support ::after, I changed it to :after and it worked just as intended.

Worth checking for!

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