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Is there any way to get a the list of connected MAC addresses when my phone is on Wi-Fi tethering mode?

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Please check this link.… – user2711243 Mar 14 '14 at 9:41
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Firstly, you must have a rooted device. When it's done just read dnsmasq.leases file. Usually it is placed at: /data/misc/dhcp/dnsmasq.leases. A structure of the file is pretty simple - each line is a summary of a connected user. The summary has several fields including MAC. I didn't find a possibility to get MAC without root. Please correct me if I'm wrong.

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what about clients connected with static ip not dhcp, they will not appear in the dnsmasq, do you have any idea? – user935143 Feb 18 '13 at 7:28

Reading /proc/net/arp would provide the information for both static and DHCP clients that have communicated with the device during the last 60 seconds (configured in /proc/sys/net/ipv4/neigh/wl0.1/gc_stale_time where wl0.1 is the wireless network interface on my phone).

It is available for non-root users too.

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Is that true under /proc/net/arp is not always updating the list when the device (client) disconnected from the AP @Roman? – gumuruh Aug 8 '14 at 17:53

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