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I would like to store the checkbox value in an array, however, i can not use the validate rules since the name is selectList[] instead of selectList. I tried id but it seems the rule only bind to the name.


<input id='sendList' type='checkbox' name='selectList[]' value='$set[ListID]'>

js rule:

  $("#selectList").validate( {
      rules: {
          selectList[]: {
              required: true,
              minlength: 1


Thank you

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Why not wrap selectList[] inside quotes:

    rules: {
        'selectList[]': {
            required: true,
            minlength: 1

In initializing Javascript object property names, they can be an identifier (the way you tried), a number or a string.

Working code:

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Actually this is a non working answer. jQuery validate doesn't allow validation for multiple fields with the same name, so in the above answeronlthe first field with name selectList[] would be validated which doesn't help much if you trying to post an array of fields... – jtheman Mar 12 '13 at 14:22

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