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In my android app I have fragments, and one of them is very heavy (it loads many things from the web), and other one is light (like settings panel).

I switch between fragments with something like this :

private Fragment myFragment1;
private Fragment myFragment2;
FragmentManager fm = getSupportFragmentManager();
FragmentTransaction ft = fm.beginTransaction();
ft.replace(, myFragment2);

My problem is that it goes in onStop() and onDestroy() of the fragment when it's beeing replaced. And because I don't free my heavy stuffs in onDestroy() I got a big memory leak...

I would like to keep in memory all my fragments, and only show/hide them from the screen. This would be good to do a fast switch beteen the screens, without loading everything everytime.

So, the question is : How can I change my code to keep all my fragments in memory ? I would like to have sonething like :


And not :


One more thing, I use on android 2.2 and more.

Thanks a lot !


I found some help and I did this function :

private void changeFragement(Fragment f, String fragmentTag) {
    try {
        if (f != null && fragmentTag != null) {

            fm = getSupportFragmentManager();
            ft = fm.beginTransaction();
            Fragment currentFragment = fm.findFragmentById(;
            if (currentFragment != null)

            Fragment cachedFragment = fm.findFragmentByTag(fragmentTag);
            if (cachedFragment == null)
                ft.add(, f, fragmentTag);

            /*Fragment cachedFragment = fm.findFragmentByTag(fragmentTag);
            if (cachedFragment == null)
                cachedFragment = f;
            ft.replace(, cachedFragment, fragmentTag);*/


    } catch (IllegalStateException err) {

The problem is that the fragments are not well replaced, I don't understand wel the "ft.addToBackStack(null);"... Could you help me to correct this code ?

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You can't. Android handles the lifecycle of activities, services, etc... including Fragments. You need to re-think you do it.

I know there is something about "background" fragments in the doc. Maybe you could do the loading in that one and share some state with the other fragments you display/hide ?

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oups, I will edit my first post... – Niko Apr 3 '12 at 16:29

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