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I am modifying CyanogenMod (CM 7) Source code,

i want to include "Cyanogen/packages/apps/phone/src/com/android/phone/" in the "Cyanogen/frameworks/base/policy/src/com/android/internal/policy/impl/" file. I added "import;" in the file and upon compiling i get this error. package does not exist



But is included in the "" package, so if someone can please tell that how to include package ?

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You can't include, it's hidden. You might be able to access it via reflection but in most cases, the telephony stack is setup so that it's running in a different process and you won't be able to access anything meaningfull.

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In development case, android api is consisted of collection of abstract class. And the implemented class kept on android os. So that when you use android api, during execution it actually call that implemented classes from android os. Therefore, you actually implement that class, but it unable to find that class from os. It'll happen if you install this app as third party, try to push your app in /system/app/ path, and reboot your device. It'll be installed. System folder always stays in readonly mode. Search on google about push to system tutorial. Good luck...

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