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here is the xml data :

        <value label="Aluminium" data="0" /> 
        <value label="Iron" data="0" /> 


My code :

public function populateRecommendedMaterials(xml_val:XML)           



    <mx:ComboBox x="212" y="164" id="materials_Cmb" dataProvider="materialsCmb_Dp"></mx:ComboBox>


The problem is that the whole xml gets populated. I just want the labels. :(

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There are two approaches here, depending on what you need. In either case the data you want are the children of the recommendedMaterials node, not the node itself (which is what you did).

materials_Cmb.dataProvider = 
    new XMLListCollection(xml_val.recommendedMaterials.children());

This should already do the trick. Note that I wrapped the XMLList in an XMLListCollection: this is not strictly necessary with the mx:ComboBox, because it will do the same internally, but for Spark components it would be mandatory.

Another more concise solution would be to just find all the 'value' nodes, but I don't know whether that approach fits your bill.

materials_Cmb.dataProvider = 
    new XMLListCollection(xml_val..value);

Also don't forget to assign the correct 'labelField' in the ComboBox:

<s:ComboBox labelField="@label" />

The @ sign represents an XML attribute.

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ok.. thnx a lot! However i was already confused between XML and XMLList, and you added a new one XMLListCollection. :(. Added the term to my research :) –  Vishwas G Apr 3 '12 at 16:32
@VishwasGagrani Just to get you started: XML and XMLList are low-level ActionScript/E4X classes (E4X being the XML parsing idiom), whereas XMLListCollection is a class from the Flex framework. Basically XMLListCollection is to XMLList what ArrayCollection is to Array. –  RIAstar Apr 3 '12 at 16:45

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