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Consider this Example

    public class FooWrapper
    public FooWrapper() { }

    public Foo FooObject { get; set; }
    public Bar BarObject { get; set; }

public IEnumerable<FooWrapper> ListFoosWithBars(int userID)
    IEnumerable<Bar> tempBar = ListBarsByUserID(userID);

    IEnumerable<FooWrapper> results = (
        from f in _entities.FooSet
        join b in tempBar on f.ID equals b.foos.ID
        select new FooWrapper 
            FooObject = f,
            BarObject = b

    return results;

what if my Foo type class has Properties like

public class Foo(){
FProperty1{get; set;}
FPorperty2{get; set;}

public class Bar(){
BProperty1{get; set;}
BProperty2{get; set;}

and now i want to initialize my object in query like this

 select new FooWrapper 
            FooObject.FProperty1 = f,
            BarObject.BProperty2 = b

can I do this? How will this work?

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What you want is:

select new FooWrapper 
        FooObject = new Foo { FProperty1 = f },
        BarObject = new Bar { BProperty2 = b }
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Thank you so much i was been looking for this from long time. –  HaBo Apr 3 '12 at 16:28

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