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grep -H "httpd" /Users/sars/logs/testlogs/2012-04-02*/*/top

I am greping a file and looking for httpd consuming more than 0.00% of CPU. So the output looks like this

/Users/sars/logs/2012-04-03-021/server1/top:10182 root            15  96    0 50352K 12880K ucond   2  48:01  0.00% httpd 

I want to only see the output for results that are something other than 0.00% on this output line

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You can grep again:

grep -H "httpd" /Users/sars/logs/testlogs/2012-04-02*/*/top | grep -vw 0.00%
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that worked well. is there a way to not have that filter 100.00% ? –  Scott Humphreys Apr 3 '12 at 18:38
You can add -w option –  kev Apr 4 '12 at 1:30

I suggest you look at awk instead of grep alone. You get a lot more flexibility and don't have to deal with so many pipes.

awk '
    minimum=10; # only show lines greater than this percent

  # skip lines that are not httpd
  $12 != "httpd" { next; }

  # remove the "%" from the cpu usage column
  { sub(/%/, "", $11) }

  # print lines whose % is higher than minimum
  $11 > minimum { print; }
' /Users/sars/logs/testlogs/2012-04-02*/*/top

Some adjustments may be required; I haven't seen your data, so I haven't actually tested this.

If I were doing this for myself, I'd either store the awk script as a stand-alone tool to be called from within a shell script, or I'd embed it in the shell script in a function. Can't really recommend without knowing how you plan to use this.

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