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I tried recording with Selenium IDE while clicking around in Lively Kernel, but I don't think Selenium picks up what I am clicking on correctly. Is this because of how Lively Kernel is made?

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Lively Kernel in its current version mostly uses plain HTML for rendering, so yes there should be no problem.

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When I record using Selenium IDE, the objects I click on come up in the Target as: "//x:div[3]/x:div", "//x:div[11]/x:div", etc. –  Thomas Apr 4 '12 at 14:08
Yes, this is the DOM representation of the morphs. Each morph has a shape and both the morph and the shape are represented as DOM elements. For normal morphs / shapes this is a div element. See the rendering documentation for more details. In case you want to directly reference a morph's element using an id you could do something like that: morph.renderContext().morphNode.setAttribute('id', 'specialMorph'); . –  robertkrahn Apr 6 '12 at 21:38

Actually, I think yes, Selenium is capable of working with Lively Kernel. I don't know how much Selenium-IDE is advanced, but writing a WebDriver test in Java should be good - Lively builds up those pages rather nicely! I just tried a very simple one and it got through.

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