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is there any working, supported and maintained scaffolding solution for Wicket 1.5? I know of

  • Wicketopia at two different locations sourceforge and github but this is still targeted at wicket 1.4, brings it's own wicket and mails to the mailinglists didn't trigger any response in months.
  • Wicket Rad but this hasn't been updated in 18 Months
  • Wicket CRUD which seems more like a tutorial or proof of concept than a working solution.

I can't belive, that there is no solution out there that allows to edit Domain Objects (selecting objects for OneToOne and add-remove-controls for lists would be a big plus). Writing editors isn't the most interesting part of developing a wicket application and getting them to look alike is tiring, so I'm looking for suggestions to automate this...

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You can look at Apache Isis for a domain driven approach. Perhaps you can find a CRUD framework at the Wicket WIKI page dedicated to related projects. Maybe databinder is an option.

At my company we created our own CRUD framework. While it was not easy, it does give you an advantage and enables you to do things your own way.

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Thanks. Databinder looks forked to death right now, so I'll go ahead and reinvent the wheel... – Nicktar Apr 5 '12 at 9:28
Has Apache Isis made any progress? – ForerMedia Dec 7 '12 at 12:57
Yes, Apache Isis has made plenty of progress, and is being used to develop "real" applications. Check out its website ( for a quickstart archetype and screencasts. – Dan Haywood Jun 16 '13 at 16:17

I spend few fours with wicket-webbeans (WWB). It isn't fully ported to wicket 1.5 (but some works have been done in 1.5 branch).

I think such project (automagicaly bean editor for Wicket 1.5) is very necessary

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Wicketopia (16 May 2012 from sourceforge SVN) seems to have Wicket 1.5.6 support. – Jacek Cz May 16 '12 at 9:59

There is a simple CRUD web application for hotel booking based on Wicket 6.0, Ujorm 1.40 and Spring 3.2 frameworks. Graphical interface is built on preview tables and form dialogs, see the next persistent class model:

enter image description here

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