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Sorry I'm asking too many questions in a row.

I have a list of strings like this:


I want to sort it by first number and then by last number

for example if I have:


after the sorting it should be like this:


I used this LINQ query:

numbers.OrderBy(s => s.Split('-')[0]).ThenBy(s => s.Split('-')[1]);

but this query order them by string logic and not by int logic.

so if I have 2 and 11 I want 2 to come before 11

(the ordering by string logic order the 11 before 2 since it starts with '1')

Thanks a lot for any help

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Any chance you could update the database to use two columns of type int? Seems strange to store numbers as string if you need to do numeric comparisons. – Erik Philips Apr 3 '12 at 17:05
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use int.Parse(str) to convert str to a number.

numbers.OrderBy(s => int.Parse(s.Split('-')[0])).ThenBy(s => int.Parse(s.Split('-')[1]));
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Consider using vcepa's StringLogicalComparer class. It uses a similar ordering, and he's already figured out all the gotchas.

Numeric String Sort in C#

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