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I need to restrict user access to filebrowser using permissions. For example, only users with permission "can_upload_files" should be able to see Filebrowser in my custom dashboard.

Is this possible?


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What custom dashboard are you using? You can modify the admin templates and conditionally add a link to the filebrowser there. If the logged in user does not have acces, the link is not shown. – Simeon Visser Apr 3 '12 at 17:13

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If the thing you want to accomplish is to simply hide the "Media Management" group from your dashboard, you can use the following conditional in your code:

if context.get('user').has_perm('accounts.can_upload_files'):
        _('Media Management'),
                'title': _('FileBrowser'),
                'url': '/admin/filebrowser/browse/',
                'external': False,

Note that this will not actually limit access to the FileBrowser, simply hide the link.

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This is also good for limiting access to other models, links etc. in django admin. Thanks! – zzart Apr 25 '13 at 9:11

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