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For my site, i intend on having several add-ons. At the moment i am able to get what plugins are required by the user, but i am unsure of how to include them.

I have structured my directories such that the plugins are all in a directory called plugins, and then each plugin is within a directory under that, and then each plugins directory has an init.php file that i want to call. With the build array of the scanned dir as such:

Array ( [2] => forums [3] => mesages [4] => profile [5] => clock)

And the corresponding directories array becoming:

Array (
[2] => plugins/forums/init.php
[3] => plugins/mesages/init.php
[4] => plugins/profile/init.php
[5] => plugins/something/init.php

My problem/question is how do i call these init.php's functions. I if i were to do a foreach through the array and somehow require() them, then simply calling a function from init.php could be from any of the plugins.

I have considered having the functions named like clock_init() but i would like to avoid that if possible. Any suggestions for my predicament?

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Why don't you just execute the init-code, when you include the init-script? –  KingCrunch Apr 3 '12 at 17:59

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Unfortunately there is no way using global functions.

Although if you use classes for your plugin functions then you can do something like this:

foreach($plugins as $plugin) { 
  include "$plugin.php";
  $klas = new $plugin();

Your plugin class:

class forums {
  function forums() { ... }
  function method() { ... }

The above code is untested but it is pretty much the idea.

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Initiall you could have this array combined into one, using the key as the include type, like so:

$inits = array(
  'forums' => 'plugins/forums/init.php',
  'messages' =>  'plugins/messages/init.php'

You could then iterate / call whichever you require.

   include $inits['forums'];

Personally, I'd have each one of these as a class and set up an interface. These will then implement a consistent method name (declared in my interface) such as init().


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