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You can see the example here:

This is a tricky problem because I am forced to use two tables since each row of the two tables don't have matching cells (otherwise, this would be one table).

Each table has 4 columns but the cells do not match in width from one row to the next. Sadly, however, the stacked tables have a small space in between them and it's obvious when I paste this example into Thunderbird as a new email and send it to Gmail. Gmail, hotmail, and Outlook 2010 show this small space.

Is there a way to force these two tables to stack with non space in between them so that it renders like one large image and shows properly in Gmail et al?

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Its actually not a style problem with your table, but with your images. You need to put style="display: block;" on all images or they render inline and cause minor layout issues like that (in email)

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That's lame but it worked. Thanks. – micah Apr 3 '12 at 18:39

Have you tried this? ​table {margin:0;display:block}​

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