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What's the best practice to do this? Basically I am using rabbitMQ and it has a setting for how many concurrent processes, I am deploying as WAR to a test server and would like to optimize this number of concurrents by simply changing the value and avoid making new WAR files each time.

I'm thinking reading a properties file that I can just change the value and restart server?

Ex: in my config.groovy file

rabbitmq {
    connectionfactory {
        username = 'groovy'
        password = 'groovy'
        hostname = 'localhost'

    queues = {
        processTerritory exclusive: true
    concurrentConsumers = **READ INTEGER VALUE FROM A FILE**
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You can import external config files from Config.groovy. There is already commented out code in Config.groovy that shows how to do it:

grails.config.locations = [ "classpath:${appName}-config.properties",

Lets say your applications name is foo, you can now put foo-config.groovy or foo-config.properties somewhere on the classpath. For Tomcat you can put the file in the lib folder.

It's also covered in the user documentation

Then, in foo-config.groovy you can put:

rabbitmq.concurrentConsumers = 10

or whatever value is appropriate for that server.

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