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So I have a .htaccess file, and I have a folder in my site that looks like this: '../site/control/'

I need to prevent users from accessing this directory unless they enter a password.

Here is what I tried adding...

<FilesMatch "\site\control\.(\.php)$">
  Order deny

I have 0 php experience, I just need to know what to put into this .htaccess file to block access to anyone who can't enter a set password. Any help is appreciated.

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I asked a similar question here:… – hjpotter92 Apr 4 '12 at 7:50

This is not php, and has nothing to do with php.

.htaccess files are read by your apache web server.

In addition to deny/allowing access you need to specify where apache will look for users. Some options are LDAP or an htpasswd file, which can created with this handy tool --

Then in your file above you need to specify whether all authorized users, or specific ones can access. --

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