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I want to check if the values a and b in the program alias.

int main() { 
int *a,*b; 
a=(int *)malloc(sizeof(int));
b=(int *)malloc(sizeof(int));
return 0;

I use the below code for this (getAnalysisUsage method has been defined)

AliasAnalysis::Location loc1=AliasAnalysis::Location(k1);  //a
AliasAnalysis::Location loc2=AliasAnalysis::Location(k2);  //b
AliasAnalysis::AliasResult ar=AA.alias(loc1,loc2);

But I get ar=1 i.e May Alias result. Where am I going wrong? I have included -basicaa option in the opt command for running this.

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Isn't aliasing a pointer thing? The docs always mention pointers, not plain variables. –  Mat Apr 3 '12 at 19:04
Seems the same problem as: stackoverflow.com/questions/9602792/alias-analysis-in-llvm try with a different alias analyzis. –  JohnTortugo Aug 28 '12 at 18:23

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