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  • User clicks submit
  • jQuery-UI Dialog opens
  • The dialog is populated with the results of a (PHP) server-side script

The page launching the jQuery UI Dialog is called advanced.php. The UI Dialog is launched and is set to also load the same script (advanced.php). Upon launching the dialog I set some JSON data and included in this data is a flag that tells advanced.php to act differently.

// serialize the current form we want to pass into our script
var xData = $('#CONTROLLER').serialize();

// tack on a field that tells advanced.php to act differently
xData = xData + '&PLOTIT=1';
cURI  = '/advanced.php';

$dialog = $('<div id="advanced-data"></div>').load(cURI, xData)
              { close     : function(event, ui) { $(this).remove(); },
                title     : cTitle,
                method    : 'POST',
                autoOpen  : false,
                width     : 1024,
                height    : 400,
                dataType  : "json",
                data      : xData,
                resizable : true,
                modal     : false,
                show      : 'blind',
                hide      : { effect: 'blind', duration: 300 },
                dialogClass : 'Contact'
            ).data('parent', $parent);


The jQuery UI Dialog pops up and the page loads. Unfortunately it appears that a logical separation between the DOM created by advanced.php is not maintained. That is, when the dialog loads, all of the form elements that are ordinarily hidden, show. Issuing:


(where maincontent is the <div> that encloses all of the DOM) does nothing. It seems that the JavaScript on the document contained within the jQuery UI Dialog is also not working.

Rather than rewriting the script I'm hoping there's something simple involved here that will cause the script within the jQuery UI Dialog to work.

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Could you be trying to load jQuery twice on the same page (or some other javascript loading snafu, causing the javascript VM to fail)? –  blueberryfields Apr 3 '12 at 19:20
@blueberryfields I had assumed that launching a new script within the jQueryUI Dialog provides a complete separation between the host DOM and that contained within the UI Dialog. If my assumption is wrong, then likely what you say is the issue. –  Mark Richards Apr 3 '12 at 19:32

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