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We wrote a small wrapper to a twitter app and published this information to But just contained a single field for specifying email / name of the author. How do I specify multiple contributors / email list, to the following fields since we would like this package to be listed under our names, much similar to how it shows up in

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Do they accept comma or semi-colon separated emails? – heltonbiker Apr 3 '12 at 19:16
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As far as I know, setuptools doesn't support using a list of strings in order to specify multiple authors. Your best bet is to list the authors in a single string:

author='Foo Bar, Spam Eggs',

I'm not sure if PyPI validates the author_email field, so you may run into trouble with that one. In any case, I would recommend you limit these to a single author and mention all contributors in the documentation or description.

[Edit] Some sources:

This has been registered as a bug, actually, but it seems like support for multiple authors was not implemented. Here is an alternative solution. Here is an idea for how to provide a contact email for a project with multiple authors.

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+1 for the edit and the related links... The discussion in the bug is really interesting, but it's sad that no consensus seem to have been found and that PEP 345 still does not speak of best practices and multiple authors – Stefano Jan 29 '15 at 10:23

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