> **Summary:** Is it possible to: 
>    1. Import data into Hadoop with the mongodb-hadoop connector
>    2. Process it with Hadoop MapReduce
>    3. Export it with Sqoop in a single transaction

I am building a web application with mongodb. While Mongodb work well for most of the work,  in some parts I need stronger transactional guarantees, for which I use a MySQL database.

My problem is that I want to read a big mongodb collection for data analysis, but the size of the collection means that the analytic job would take too long to process. Unfortunately, MongoDB's built-in map-reduce framework would not work well for this job, so I would prefer to carry out the analysis with [Apache Hadoop](http://hadoop.apache.org/).

I understand that it is possible read data from Mongodb into Hadoop by using the [hadoop-mongodb connector](https://github.com/mongodb/mongo-hadoop), which reads data from MongoDB, processes it with MapReduce in Hadoop, and finally outputs the results back into a MongoDB database. 

The problem is that I want the output of the MapReduce to go into a MySQL database, rather than MongoDB, because the results must be merged with other MySQL tables. 

For this purpose I know that Sqoop can export result of a Hadoop MapReduce into MySQL.

Ultimately, I want too read MongoDB data then process it with Hadoop and finally output the result into a MySQL database.

Is this possible? Which tools are available to do this?