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Should I stick with MySQL or go for some other technology when confronted with loads and loads of data

The problem is that I need to store 1 integer every day (adding new data with time stamp) for lots of entities every day (lets say 10s of million entities, but they could easily be 100 of million or even half a billion as the entities are growing in population)

The entities are grouped in an hierarchy and I can filter using those.

Now I would like a quick way to calculate average of these millions of values over a time period (and perhaps also only calculate average using filtered data). My gut instinct is that as this data grows (potentially 20 millions row every day it will be very hard to guarantee performance.

Can you suggest an easy solution. Should I stick with MySQL or some other fancy NoSQL solution would be better. As it stands it is already painfully slow to just count all the entities (perhaps MySQL needs tuning)