This information is not available per se. You can however build an app that tries out content of varying types with different content-types and look whether this displays nicely or doesn't.

We've had one situation where the content type for Powerpoint was not registered on the web server and thus UIWebView was unable to display it. It will in these cases respond with a specific error code instead of didFinishLoading. When it was fixed on the server it started working in the app as well. 

A slight complication there is that the test files would have to served by a web server because fileURL-based documents don't have a content type. There webkit inside UIWebView auto-detects the file type.

Though in all likelihood this information will prove to be useless to you for a simple reason: apps can always register to open certain file types on the device. The document interaction controller can be used to hand off the opening of the content in this other app. And since this extends the number of viewable document types infinitely you can never how to have a complete list.

So what you really would want is a list of these types of files that UIWebView can display, but you have this list already, you have quoted Apple's URL in your question.