is it possible with Sqoop read data from mongodb, then processing data with mapreduce hadoop, and in finally outputting results of mapreduce as mysql data in a table.
If it is possible, when sqoop outputing data to mysql is it transactional? so all data or nothing right? If in output processing something goes wrong, sqoop rollback all right?

**Update Clarification:**

I'm building a web application with mongodb. Mongodb work well for most 70 of work. But in some parts I need transactions, so I use also mysql for save this data.
My problem is that I want to read a big mongodb collection for data analysis that take some time di processing it, and map reduce buid with mongodb not work well for this jobs, so I decide upon use hadoop for this genre of work. So, I know it is possible read data mongodb data from hadoop by using hadoop mongodb connector. Hadoop mongodb connector read data, processing data with mapreduce hadoop, and finally outputing results already as mongodb data. The problem is that I want proceduce mysql output results not mongodb, because this results must merged with other mysql table. For this purpose I know that sqoop can export result of a map reduce hadoop as mysql format.
Ultimately, I want read mongodb data becouse data mapreduce of mongodb not work well, then processing it with hadoop e finally output result as mysql data because this output results must merge with other table that contain ultimate data that user see as statistics data in web application.