I wrote a plugin-able Jabber bot (and thus Google talk bot), but using the `xmpppy` library. The source can be found [on github](http://github.com/dbr/jabbot/tree/master). It's not necessarily the best implementation of a Jabber bot, but it works, and may be of some help.

As for something actually implemented in twisted.Words:

[Here](http://yoan.dosimple.ch/blog/2007/01/30/) is a simple tutorial on creating a bot that prints every received message to the local terminal (and a version that replies with the revere of the received message). To track the online time of various accounts, you would add a callback for "presences" (going online/offline/away etc are "presence changes", in Jabber terminology)

For a more complete system, [pownce-jabber-bot](http://code.google.com/p/pownce-jabber-bot/) uses twisted.words and  [wokkel](http://wokkel.ik.nu/) for the jabber interface.

[The  powncebot/\_\_init\_\_.py](http://code.google.com/p/pownce-jabber-bot/source/browse/trunk/powncebot/__init__.py?spec=svn15&r=15) file seems like a good place to start - it's seems pretty simple.