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Your access token is getting stored by default in loopback memory. Therefore, it persists only until the application is restarted. open server/model-config.json "AccessToken": { "dataSource": "db", "public": false } This is the initial configuration of the Access Tokens. See here the storage datasource is db which is loopback memory. You ...


Heyo -- I work at Stormpath, so hopefully I can explain this for you a bit. If you're building a website, and storing your users with Stormpath, here's how authentication works: A user visits your website, and clicks the login page. You show a login page and collect the user's email and password (or username). The user clicks Login, and that form data is ...


Make sure you are using the Client ID of the web client (your oauth server, should be of type "Web application"), not the Android client.

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