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Math isn't my strong point - so perhaps someone else will provide a better answer, but to get all 4 quadrants, you need to use atan2. angle = Math.atan2(mouseY - panel.y, mouseX - panel.x) * 180 / Math.PI; I seem to recall it has to do with a check for a value of 0 (that Math.atan doesn't do).


There is an inherent mistake in this line: wavWriter.processSamples(wavBytes, capture.buffer, capture.microphone.rate * 1000, 1); The Microphone.rate manual states that actual sampling frequency differs from microphone.rate*1000 as expected by this code. The actual table is as follows: rate Actual frequency 44 44,100 Hz 22 22,050 Hz 11 ...


Apparently the majority of the buffer is little endian, but several bytes at its start are expected to be big endian numbers of 16 bit (short). This means, you have to write data in little endian as if it'll be interpreted as big endian. In order to convert the data from big endian to little endian, you can use a temporary ByteArray that has its endian set ...

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