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In yer case the source of null error is Stage is unavailable. You need to alter your snake game constructor to first check stage, then call init() like this: public function Main(){ if (stage) init(); else addEventListener(Event.ADDED_TO_STAGE,init); } function init(e:Event=null):void { removeEventListener(Event....


You could either construct a RegExp object from a template, or you could use the regular expression several times: var temp:String = '^[\t ]{0,'; function outdent(input:String, amount:Number = 1):String { return input.replace(new RegExp(temp + amount.toString() + '}', 'gm'), ''); } Or: var pattern:RegExp = /^[\t ]/gm; function outdent(input:String, ...


Here is how I would rework your code. Much cleaner and easier to figure out what's going with a single key listener and to not be adding and removing different key listeners all the time. See the code comments import; import; import; import; import


The event listeners are removed in the videoArray function, and there is no else statement. So any time another key is pressed, it disables the eventListeners, but doesn't trigger the play1, play2 functions.

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