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I think that you have inserted manually an instance of your MainTimer movie clip in the Stage. So to avoid the #1063 error, you have to remove that instance or simply define default values in your MainTimer class constructor : // ... public function MainTimer(startMin:int = 1, startSec:int = 0) { // ... } // ... Hope that can help.


Receive the information instead of getting it yourself return what it's 'child' name is so that it can run a whole bunch of if statements etc. to configure itself from the inside. This is overcomplicated and not a good idea in general. As it looks now, you made this array static in order to access its elements "from the inside" of the newly created ...


A TextFormat object has no effect unless applied to a TextField. Besides if the font size should be linked to the stage size then a factor size of some kind should be applied as well. At the end it looks like this: myFormat.size = 15 * fontSizeFactor; //_buttonText.defaultTextFormat = myFormat;this is irrelevant if size should be dynamic. //instead text ...

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