activeCollab is project collaboration system. It's a commercial product developed using PHP and MySQL. What attracts developers and power users to it is the fact that they can write modules and modify the application code.

activeCollab was originally released as an open source alternative to Basecamp in July 2006. One year after that, original author of the project founded a company and released a new, rewritten version of the application (activeCollab 1.0, in October 2007). New version was released under the terms of proprietary license, but customers still received full source code of the application.

Original open source version continues to live through various forks (Project Pier, Feng Office etc).

activeCollab features modular architecture, where each module is an MVC mini application that runs within activeCollab environment and hooks into the system by following defined naming conventions and handling events thrown by the system and other modules.

On top of modular architecture, activeCollab offers XML/JSON over HTTP API that allows developers to read, update and delete the data within the system.

System Requirements for activeCollab 3:

  1. PHP 5.3 or later
  2. MySQL 5
  3. Web server capable of running PHP 5.3. Majority of people pick Apache and IIS, while there are numerios setups running on other servers (nginx, Lighttpd)

Application itself is platform independent and runs well on Windows, Linux, Mac etc powered servers.

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