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"unit testing, you cannot be agile". Strictly speaking, that is a false statement. Agile doesn't prescribe a particular testing methodology. Anybody who tells you otherwise doesn't understand agile. Agile is about delivering high quality code and being able to respond to change. If you can do that without writing unit tests, you can still be agile. That ...


I suggest you figure out how to break down the work into smaller pieces. My rule of thumb is a Task should be more than an hour and less than a day. Alternatively, you can still create Tasks against User Stories that aren't assigned to a Sprint if you choose to. Although that doesn't feel very Agile to me.


" Is there an equivalent for ideal days?" I would not recommend using ideal days as it sets an inaccurate expectation on how long the story will take to implement. Senior management will look at your ideal day estimates and simply add them all up to determine how long the sprint will take, which will be inaccurate as the estimate is a relative estimate ...


If you have a single DEV branch, that implies that you should be merging the whole branch and all changes to MAIN (not cherry-picking, which is what you seem to be describing). If you want the flexibility to merge only changesets relating to certain stories/bugs, then you should adopt a different branching pattern such as branch by feature.


As planning poker is an estimation tool why does it need to be limited to points? I would therefore use planning poker to plan in relative days for the pbi. The estimate is just an estimate. I like planning poker because it helps to draw out the complexity of a task. If you find that everyone thinks the work is 3 days then it's 3 days. There is a common ...


In SCRUM we are based in empirical experiences, so my estimate can't be your estimate because we are different people, my team isn't your team, our background/product/process/culture/etc is different... and I think you get the point at this time. So that points are just a way to say "Task A" is larger than "Task B" that is larger than "Task C". What can we ...

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