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A while back i also had the same issue in a library i've created. (MaterialDrawer) As far as i can see all the provided answers don't solve the main issue, they just point to remove the fullscreen flag (android:windowFullscreen), which is no solution for many out there. The above mentioned "issue" only appears in Android versions starting with API Level ...


I fixed this by adding this to the thirdActivty which was being called by secondActivity immediately on launch. android:launchMode="singleTask" So it ended up looking like <activity android:name=".thirdActivity" android:label="@string/second_activity" android:taskAffinity="secondTask" ...


How about creating a subclass of EditText and overriding its onKeyPreIme method /** * This class overrides the onKeyPreIme method to dispatch a key event if the * KeyEvent passed to onKeyPreIme has a key code of KeyEvent.KEYCODE_BACK. * This allows key event listeners to detect that the soft keyboard was * dismissed. * */ public class ExtendedEditText ...


Found the answer for the space key portion of the above: android custom keyboard: touch area of space key not completely covered As for the vertical correction, @ChrisStratton is correct. I looked into it and all I had to do was add android:verticalCorrection="0dp" to res\layout\input.xml and keys started hitting correctly.


This is my solution that works perfectly Intent intent = new Intent(Intent.ACTION_CLOSE_SYSTEM_DIALOGS); sendBroadcast(intent); this can used for various system dialog

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