Android source code. Question about building Android from the source, contributing to the Android project, Android kernel development and porting.

Questions about Android source code and dependent themes: building from the source, contributing, porting etc.

  • Android Open Source Project
    Contains all necessary information about the Android source code. Start here.

  • Android Tools Project Site
    Information about contributions to the Android Developer Tools subproject.

  • android-platform:
    General discussion about the Android Open Source platform.

  • Android Building:
    Discussion on building the Android source code, and on the build system.

  • Android Contributors
    Developer discussion forum about contributions to the Android open-source software.

  • Android Linux Kernel Development
    Developer discussion forum about Android Linux Kernel development, debugging and porting.

  • android-porting:
    Discussion forum about the specifics of porting Android to individual devices, from obtaining toolchains and merging kernel drivers all the way to configuring or modifying applications for the specific configuration.

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