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your TABLE_EVENTS_COLLECTION is empty after create table there is no table name. create table "Your_Table_Name"(id integer primary key autoincrement,event_name text , timestamp integer , detection_timestamp integer , received_timestamp integer , server_status integer)


SQL for dropping a table: DROP TABLE table_name Or use: DROP TABLE IF EXISTS table_name


Define a constant for the field name, like private static final String FIELD_ID = "_ID"; // Or make it public as Gray said into comment public static final String FIELD_ID = "_ID"; and use it as like //android requires primary key as _ID @DatabaseField(generatedId = true, columnName = FIELD_ID, dataType = DataType.INTEGER_OBJ) private Integer id; And ...


As you have suggested, number of rows are huge I will recommend not to use AsyncTask, as its not tied to your Activity lifecycle i.e if you activity which started it dies, it doesnt mean AsyncTask dies as well, so if you try initiate a AsyncTask and somehow if your activity dies e.g screen rotation or back key pressed, upon restarting another AsyncTask will ...


When you change Database_Version it called onUpdate(SQLiteDatabase db, int oldVersion, int newVersion) method first, so you have to do all drop or create kind of stuff inside that method. In your case you use Switch case i do same things using if else. But both work fine in that case. if (newVersion == yourNewVersion) { try { // Drop ...

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