Android is Google's open source software stack for mobile devices, developed by Google and the Open Handset Alliance.

Tag Usage

When asking about a "force close"/"unfortunately app has stopped" problem in your app, always include the exception stack trace from LogCat in the question.

When tagging additional tags to questions, please use the Android-specific tags such as and , not and .

For non-developer Android questions, see Android Enthusiasts Stack Exchange.

Manufacturer-Monitored Tags

These tags are used for developer assistance by Android device manufacturers for their specific devices:

ISV-Monitored Tags

These tags are for libraries, services, etc. for Android that are monitored by their respective developers:

Android Versions

Official API Documentation


Source Code and Building


Playlist of videos for Google I/O.

  • Android Tools Project Site On this site you will find information about the Developer Tools for Android (ddms, hierarchyviewer, lint) and various tips & how-to documents.

In addition, there are other Android developer support sites, operating in other languages.

For non-developer questions, see the Android Enthusiasts Stack Exchange site.

Android Programming Books

Chat Rooms

Chat about Android with other Stack Overflow users:


  • #android-dev

Development IDEs

Tutorials & Examples

Online Courses

Online Specialization Verified Courses

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