ANTLRWorks is a grammar development environment for ANTLR v3 grammars written by Jean Bovet (with suggested use cases from Terence Parr). It combines a grammar-aware editor with an interpreter for rapid prototyping and a language-agnostic debugger for isolating grammar errors. ANTLRWorks helps eliminate grammar nondeterminisms, one of the most difficult problems for beginners and experts alike, by highlighting nondeterministic paths in the syntax diagram associated with a grammar. ANTLRWorks' goal is to make grammars more accessible to the average programmer, improve maintainability and readability of grammars by providing grammar navigation and refactoring tools, and address the most common questions and problems encountered by grammar developers:

  • Why is this grammar fragment nondeterministic?
  • Does this rule match a sample input?
  • Why is this grammar improperly matching this complete input?
  • Why is there a syntax error given this input?
  • Why is there no syntax error given this ungrammatical input?

-- http://www.antlr.org/works/index.html

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