AppHarbor is a cloud application platform for .NET. Applications can be deployed to AppHarbor using Git, Mercurial, Subversion or TFS. A large number of services (relational and no-sql databases, email, error logging) are offered as add-ons.

AppHarbor is a cloud application platform for .NET. It features among other things:

Git-based deployment strategy

Applications on AppHarbor are managed using your favourite version control system. Simply pushing your code to AppHarbor is all it takes to deploy your application. AppHarbor supports deploying using an integrated Git repository or using repositories hosted on GitHub, Bitbucket or CodePlex

Fully Managed, Multi-Tenant Architecture

All infrastructure runs inside the Amazon Web Services cloud and is completely managed by AppHarbor. The AppHarbor site has a detailed explanation of platform architecture.


AppHarbor offers a growing number of add-ons via its add-on provider program. Additional services, such as error tracking and reporting, incoming and outgoing email services, hosted no-SQL databases and more is available via a few clicks or commands on the prompt.

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