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thanks phuongle, this really works... ...but with a twist... ...as Omer Waqas Khan noticed, there might be a case where one might encounter the error message (while lipo-ing): both libs can't be of the same structure. Of course, I went WTF...lipo, what's wrong with you...they are of different structure...I BUILT THEM THAT WAY... But then I set out to ...


Got rid of every warning. Went through everything over and over. Found the one word answer here above. "Build Active Architecture Only - NO (specially... if your connected device is not arm64 compatible)" My iPad is not 64 bit. Put in NO for Build Active Architecture and my submission worked!


I had same issue for tvOS application submit, what helped me was to add this to all cocoapods and frameworks plists: <key>UIRequiredDeviceCapabilities</key> <array> <string>arm64</string> </array>


With CONFIG_ZONE_DMA enabled, as it is by default on arm64, CMA is restricted to physical memory that devices with 32-bit addressing capabilities can access. Therefore if there isn't enough free RAM below the 4GB boundary to find a contiguous 512MB block (with sufficient alignment) then it's going to fail, regardless of how much RAM exists at higher ...

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