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How is your SBCL installed? Did you compile your own SBCL yet fail to use --prefix=... or export INSTALL_ROOT=... when compiling SBCL but not installing it under /usr/local ?


The specification for PROVIDE, REQUIRE says that the return value of require is implementation-dependant, but that it should signal an error if a module fails to be loaded. In your case, the NIL return value is not an error, but an indication that the operation succeeded. Try (asdf:make "optima"), for example. Your environment should recognize the ASDF:MAKE ...


Quicklisp comes with a mechanism to do precisely that. Just place your version of cl-json in ~/quicklisp/local-projects/ and be done with it. But I'm left wondering why would you think symbols that specify the package would stop to work? They won't. Or that quicklisp has anything to do with that?


I was able to find this link here with the following recommendation: with the type conf4, for instance 42-asd-link-farm.conf, containing the line: (:directory "/home/luser/.asd-link-farm/") If you want all the subdirectories under /home/luser/lisp/ to be recursively scanned for .asd files, instead use: (:tree "/home/luser/lisp/") ...

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