asmSelect, a progressive enhancement to <select multiple> form elements. It provides a simpler alternative with the following advantages:

  • Easier for users to understand and interact with than regular <select multiple> form elements. Users know how to interact with it sans instruction.

  • Doesn't require user to Control-Click or Shift-Click multiple elements. Instead users of your form can add or remove elements individually, without risk of losing those that have already been selected.

  • Selected elements are always visible (within the confines of your interface) while unselected elements are always hidden (within a regular <select>).

  • Unlike regular <select multiple> option elements, those on asmSelect are optionally sortable with drag and drop (this part requires jQuery UI).

  • asmSelect hides, maintains and updates the original <select multiple> so that no changes are required to existing code.

  • If a user does not have JavaScript, then of course the regular <select multiple> form element is used instead.

  • If the original <select multiple> form element is modified by some other jQuery or JavaScript code, the change will be reflected in the asmSelect as well.


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