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Running into the same issue and finding the same answers online without any help, I was reasearching the xml invalid subscription response from profiler. I found an example on msdn support site that had a slightly different order of code. When I tried it I realized the problem - Don't open your connection object until after you've created the command object ...


ASP.NET Identity framework is collection of nuget packages (DLL's) and the Runtime Version (minimum supporting .NET Framework) is v4.0.30319. So that you could not be able to use ASP.NET identity framework on ASP.NET 3.5 which is .NET Framework 3.5. Following packages using Runtime Version v4.0.30319 Microsoft.AspNet.Identity.Core ...


You can increase the verbosity of the build under Tools -> Options, Projects and Solutions -> Build and Run. Then view the contents of the output window (View -> Output, Show output from: Build). With any luck the antecedents of the error are in there. You can also try running MSBuild from a developer prompt.


Out of the box, I believe this is not possible. This similar question seems to confirm this. However, there are many alternatives for this to do. Lately, I have been working with Telerik controls a lot, which creates great results. Many free alternatives are also available for several development frameworks, so why don't you look into this first?


To Progress Bar, you have to include following code:- Make sure, that you have any image which shown on this div <div class="loading" align="center"> Loading. Please wait.<br /> <br /> <img src="loader.gif" alt="" /> </div> Modal background CSS You will need to place the following CSS in HEAD section of page for ...

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