Agile Toolkit is a PHP framework for building Web User Interface. It approaches Web Software development in a fully Object-Oriented approach similar to Desktop GUI Toolkits.

The current stable version is 4.2.3 and GitHub master is in active development. If you are using any other version, please specify that in your question.

Hello World

A typical application in Agile Toolkit operates with objects:

$api = new ApiWeb();

How to Ask Questions

Please clean your application from unnecessary fields, lines and code pieces which are irrelevant to your post. Include both the "view" and the "model" part. A typical model code would look like this:

class Model_User extends Model_Table {
    public $table='user';
    function init()

And then also include the part of the "View" or "Page" relevant to your question:

$crud = $this->add('CRUD');
if ($crud->grid) {

Other Resources

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