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If you retrieve the details of a project using: GET /project/{projectIdOrKey} you'll get a result like this: { "expand": "description,lead,url,projectKeys", "self": "", "id": "10000", "key": "EX", "description": "This project was created as an example for REST.", "lead": { "...


Get the open pull requests from Bitbucket/Stash using: $ git fetch origin 'refs/pull-requests/*:refs/remotes/origin/pull-requests/*' Check the pull-requests that are on the current branch: $ git branch --all --contains remotes/origin/pull-requests/31/from remotes/origin/pull-requests/31/merge Clean up with: $ git remote prune origin


git checkout -b is used to create a new local branch. You're not using it quite right. The easiest way to do what I think you're trying to do is git checkout feature/Issue01. If that branch doesn't exist locally (it shouldn't), git will detect that it does exist upstream, and it will pull it and set up tracking info for you. On any branch, you can use git ...


You can use Stash' (or Bitbucket's) REST API to get information about the pullrequests for a repository: Stash GET pull-requests Bitbucket GET pull-requests That way you can implement your own script (bash with curl, java, groovy, python, ...) to get the info you need. General info about the REST APIs is available here.

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