The Asynchronous WebSocket/Comet Framework


The Atmosphere Framework is a Java/Javascript framework which allows the creation of portable asynchronous applications using Groovy, Scala and Java. The Atmosphere Framework ships with a JavaScript component supporting all modern browsers and several server components supporting all major Java-based WebServers. The aim of the framework is to allow a developer to write an application and let the framework discover the best communication channel between the client and the server, transparently.

For example, a developer can write an application that will use the WebSocket protocol when used with a browser or server that supports the protocol, and transparently fall back to HTTP in case the WebSocket protocol isn’t supported. For example, an Atmosphere application will work fine with Internet Explorer 6, 7, 8, and 9 using HTTP, and will use the WebSocket protocol when used with Internet Explorer 10.

Useful links

Wasync libraries can be used to extend the functionality of Atmosphere framework.

E.g. To use Atmosphere in Android native application

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