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yes, it is possible. AtmospherePro is exactly doing that (using Hazelcast as well). All you need to do it to write your own AtmosphreObjectfactory and inject your own implementation of the class above. http://async-io.org/AtmospherePro.html -- Jeanfrancois


Move the following script into <head> <script type="text/javascript"> function handleMessage(facesmessage) { facesmessage.severity = 'info'; PF('growl').show([facesmessage]); } </script>


Turned out I had a proxy configured in my browser which was what was doing the blocking


As said here support for websockets on Jboss starts from EAP 6.3. However I tested the .war you linked on Tomcat 8.0.15 and it works like a charm, so I think you can easily find another WS/AS that supports web sockets. Hope this helped.

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