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Wrong: var socket=$.atmopshere; Right: var socket=$.atmosphere; socket.subscribe(request);: You are not calling connect to server.


Ok, after looking at the code again the answer was quite obvious. You can create a injector yourself and add it to the serlvet context during the bootstrap process, it will then be picked up by atmosphere. Config.Builder builder = new Config.Builder(); builder.resource(MyResource.class) .port(8080) .host("localhost") ...


You can also use the policy EMPTY_DESTROY, which will remove broadcaster if there are no AtmosphereResource associated with this broadcaster. You can configure it in web.xml as mentioned by @jfarcand or programmatically as shown below Broadcaster b = broadcasterFactory.get(); b.setBroadcasterLifeCyclePolicy(BroadcasterLifeCyclePolicy.EMPTY_DESTROY);


I think the problem may be slashes: NOTE: Pay strict attention to the slashes "/" or lack thereof! WebSocket url endpoint ProxyPass /ws/ wss://localhost:8443/ws ProxyPassReverse /ws/ wss://localhost:8443/ws More information here: tunneling-secure-websocket-connections-with-apache


Try removing the log4j transitional dependency from telnetd-x: <dependency> <groupId>net.wimpi</groupId> <artifactId>telnetd-x</artifactId> <version>2.1.1</version> <exclusions> <exclusion> <artifactId>log4j</artifactId> ...


Your servlet version is 2.4 [INFO] +- javax.servlet:servlet-api:jar:2.4:provided However, asynchronous processing seems to be introduced in servlet 3.0 and does not seem to be available for servlet 2.x Asynchronous processing support in Servlet 3.0 Vaadin Push Enabling I advise you to update your servlet version. With servlet 3.0 you don't even need to ...

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