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You can't have both anti-forgery and caching, on the same form, because the anti-forgery token is not reusable and is part of the response. As a consequence, you need to choose between them. Any form that has information that shouldn't be possible to forge (and that's almost any form) should have anti-forgery on. So the default solution should be to disable ...


You need to reset the position of the stream back to the beginning. Put this line at the top of your UploadFile method. file.InputStream.Seek(0, SeekOrigin.Begin);


I haven't looked at the source code of Azure Storage Explorer (ASE) but from the Fiddler trace it seems that ASE is trying to fetch all blobs in your blob containers first and then displaying them in the UI (on the basis of multiple requests to your storage account and requests containing a continuation token as a query string parameter (marker parameter)) ...

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