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Just add as start_ip_address and end_ip_address like the T-SQL below to sys.firewall_rules exec sp_set_firewall_rule N'MicrosoftServices','','' Don't mind the range, SQL Azure knows it is only for Azure IPs in your subscription. select * from sys.firewall_rules id name start_ip_address end_ip_address create_date ...


<asp:Button ID='Button2' runat='server' Text='Button' OnClick='Button1_Click' /> replace with <button id="btnSubmit" runat="server" class="myButton" onserverclick="Button1_Click">Edit</button>


It has been reported to the VS Online Service Delivery Team and they are working on a fix. http://blogs.msdn.com/b/vsoservice/archive/2015/07/27/type-script-issues-with-visual-studio-online-build-controllers-7-27-investigating.aspx The above also links to an msdn forum thread describing a few different workarounds in the meantime.


Try this, it should work var groups=tables.getTable('groups'); groups .where(({ gid : item.gid})) .read({success:updateGroup}); function updateGroup(results){ var group_gid; group_gid=results[0]; group_gid.appended_mid=group_gid.appended_mid+" "+item.mid; groups.update(group_gid); request.execute(); }


If you need incremental, numerical and unique keys, you can use the Javascript date new Date().getTime() in milliseconds as the unique identifier for each document. The advantage to this is that, if you need to search documents by range, you can configure this property as a range index and do efficient ranges searches. Depending on your application, chances ...

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