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For executing java program in HDinsight remote desktop please try this. add your jar in lib folder and add your properties,xml files and then move it to your blob storage. Example : WorkfLow.xml <workflow-app name="WorkflowJavaMainAction" xmlns="uri:oozie:workflow:0.2"> <start to="javaMainAction"/> <action name="javaMainAction"> ...


The problem caused by Microsoft Azure HDInsight Tools for Visual Studio which is new release and possible not compatible with Visual Studio 2012, however installs into the Visual Studio 2012 and causing problems at start. To fix this problem, uninstall Microsoft Azure HDInsight Tools for Visual Studio from the system. (Just spent three days to fix it)


In general, to avoid an attack surface from outside your LAN (where you have your embedded device), the better solution is to open and output connection from embedded device to the cloud and to leave it open so that it can send and receive data/command. In this case, on Azure you can use the Service Bus (queue, topic/subscription or event hub) to ...


Your problem is your version of pymssql. The latest version on pip is 2.1.0, but the version that supports azure is 2.1.1. So, if you install it from source, it will work. Also, make sure you have freeTDS > 0.91


Time(7) only supports timespan of less than 24 hours. Read this post: Entity Framework TimeSpan - Time Error Try to remove the day part from your timespan. newShutdownTime = TimeSpan(12, 20,10);


The error could be causing because of the following reasons. There is a bug in the addItem function of the blog. When you insert an item in the local database it actually does assign an id to it. When you call the insert function on the table it returns an object with an id. So insert for todoItem should look like this. final ToDoItem entity = ...


The ListenableFuture overloads are not available in SDK 1.1.5. You will need the version 2.0.1 beta SDK. An overview and a link to download this version are available on the Azure team blog. In addition, the new overload for login() does not take three parameters. You will need to pass in a provider, which can be either a string or a ...


If you are expecting your workload to grow over time, it makes sense to start with a sharded design so you'll have plenty of headroom for increased traffic without having to re-architect later. But be sure that you don't need to perform queries that join data in different shards. Overall the performance will be similar to scaling up. I recommend testing ...


Thanks to Simon W above, I found my problem. In the Azure Portal, there is a setting that controls "Azure Websites Authentication / Authorization". Its found under Websites, then Configure, then scroll down a bit to "Azure Websites Authentication / Authorization". In my case there was an entry there: my website was tied into the "Directory" for my account ...

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